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With my passions and my skillset, I couldn’t have dreamed up a better career track! It has been a thrill to work my way up from photographer and videographer to what I do now, directing the artistic teams behind high-end marketing campaigns. But I’m always up for a new challenge and can’t wait to see what comes next.

I’ve been building on these skills since my youth. My early career was focused on the finer points of photos and video, shooting weddings and events, along with lifestyle and product advertising images. I captured the “I do’s” of 50+ happy couples, 100+ concerts and music festivals, and countless products; lifestyles, e-commerce and advertising.

After many years of executing on someone else's vision, I moved into art direction, heading up the creative teams behind brand marketing campaigns and visual assets, with a heavy focus on optimizing for paid media. I have managed crews of various sizes, from 3 to 10+, leading the charge on celebrity campaigns, new brand launches, and monthly editorial shoots. 

To date, my teams and I have launched more than 5000 paid ads, built countless landing pages, and directed 50+ 360 marketing campaigns from start to finish, from initial concept and editorial photo / video shoot to final assets and graphics for social, web, TV, and print.

As my career in creative direction advances, I’m excited to pull off bold campaigns that test the boundaries of my imaginative vision. Are you gearing up to launch a new brand from the ground up? (You’ll want a practiced eye to create your brand book.) Is your next editorial campaign already in the works? (Let’s build a complete 360 marketing package around it.)

I might be the right guy to boost your brand and elevate every image that comes out of your company. Connect with me today so we can find out!

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